Master Tome DM Screen

Your magnetic, configurable, and transformable gaming box and DM screen

Customize your Master Tome


Handcrafted from genuine leather and hardwoods by our shop full of nerds, the Master Tome D&D DM Screen is both a beautiful and functional design that is bound to make a statement on your gaming table. Each Master Tome begins as a gaming box with a magnetic modular interior that is also large enough to fit full-size paper and source books. As a custom dungeon master screen, your Master Tome boasts a host of features, including initiative trackers, multiple set-up positions, reference document holders, and a felt-lined interior that can be used as a rolling tray. As with many of our Elderwood gaming accessories, each Master Tome Masterwork Chest is customizable to fit your style. Build your exterior with your choice of rich foil-pressed leathers, and then finish it off with the right magnetic modules on the interior.

What is this thing?

See it in action

It’s Master Tome!

How does it become a DM screen?

Convert your Master Tome from a book to a custom dungeon master screen in 4 easy steps:

  1. Open it up
  2. Empty it out (and remove any magnetic modules)
  3. Attach the Utility Wings
  4. Attach Initiative Trackers and Document Holders as needed

Set up turorials

How does the magnetic interior work?

Master Tome dungeon master gaming box with initiative trackers, rolling tray, and removable trays, holding dice and miniatures

Master Tome features a ‘full-sized’ interior that can fit 8.5″ x 11″ paper and/or source books. Each side is also magnetic and can be outfitted with your choice of removable magnetic modules, perfect for customizing to your play style. The magnetic utility wings close over each side when you pack it up, keeping your goodies safe and sound during your travels.


What a fantastic piece of craftsmanship! It is more beautiful than I imagined. Thanks for making such a fine product with amazing detail.

JohnnyD, Kickstarter

Just received my Master Tome today and I really must say, wow. It’s honestly fantastic, and definitely something I will use for years if not for my whole D&D career.

Subiugetur, Kickstarter

Well I was going to drive down to ypsi to pick this up in person but it arrived in the mail today and holy $*&^ is this beautiful the leather is soft the magnets are stupid strong I was afraid when I was opening it because of how hard it was to pull the magnets apart the craftsmanship is amazing and will last forever now I cant wait to use it

Ryan, Kickstarter

Wow…this master tome is amazing. Thank you for this craftsmanship, I like the colors, I like the wood, the leather. Now I have my players travel to a pond, there I have them fish… just fish for two hours… and pure evil sits behind this master tome… because there aren’t even fish in that pond… muahahahaha

Accretor, Kickstarter

Premium Materials, Loving Craftsmanship

Dive into the dozens of fine details and lovingly designed finishing touches to see how Master Tome swirls together engineering, art, and natural materials into a seamlessly beautiful and functional arcane Tome. Straps, rivets, and magnets keep it sealed and aligned, while engraved detailing, natural leather, and soft felt lining make it a joy to handle and play with.