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Hello, and thanks for checking out our Master Tome project!

Master Tomes are our largest and most versatile gaming boxes crafted from the same leathers and hardwoods from our original Spellbooks. Master Tomes feature a magnetically modular interior that you can customize to fit your needs, but is also large enough for full sheets of paper and your D&D player handbook!

Adding to the versatility, each Master Tome is equipped with cover panels that can easily turn your tome into a DM screen. The cover panels not only keep your DM business to yourself, but they also serve as a magnetic document holder to keep quick-reference sheets available to you, and anything else you need to show your players.


Master Tomes are the most complex project we have worked on, and we are going to take our time to get it right. Here’s a rough timeline of where we are headed:

May 2021 – There are a handful of Alpha Editions in the wild, and we look forward to getting feedback.
September 2021 – A small handful of Beta Editions will be available to the public.
November 2021 – We are hoping to make Master Tomes widely available on Kickstarter, but will take as many test editions as needed to get these right.

Feature Tracker

Modular Interior


Beta Edition
– Dice module | Fits 3 sets of 7 dice.
– Open module | Felt lined and ready for anything, including being used as a rolling tray.
– Minis module | 3 medium and 6 small spaces with foam top and bottom lining to keep your minis protected.


In Development
– Dice tower module | This pair of modules can be used for generic storage, and then magnet together to form a 9″ tall dice tower.
– Card module | Holds two separate stacks of cards with a pen slot for good measure (or dice storage)
– Tablet stand | This simple module has long slots that will hold your tablet up for easy reading and use. It can also be used to store pens, dice, or similar things.



Magnetic Wings

Magnetic covers that hold your stuff in place and double to configure your tome into a DM screen. These wings also serve as magnetic document holders.




Magnetic Document Holder

Use the magnets dispersed around the wings and interior trim to hold quick-reference material, or keep information displayed for your players.


Magnetic Initiative Trackers

A pair of magnetic card holders that mount to the top of your tome and can be used to organize and display initiative cards.


Encounter Organizers – In Development


Rolling Tray Conversion – In Development

Use your Master Tome as a giant rolling tray.


Spell Tracker – In Development

Tray Tiles – In Development