Cantrip Hex Chest Mini


What do you get when you blend purpleheart and maple to create a singular Hex Chest Mini? You get the Cantrip edition Hex Chest mini! Choose from our exclusive exotic hardwoods to find a pairing and inlay for your Cantrip MTG dice carry case that peaks to you. Combine woods like regal purpleheart, whorled birdseye maple, aromatic cedar, redolent cherry, or a host of others for an entirely new way to bring your vision to life. Cantrip Hex Chest minis are stylish, compact, pocket-friendly wooden creations that perfectly store your mini dice. Each gaming chest comes with a key-ring loop to make for a flashy keychain or fun pendant! Never leave your lair unprepared. BONUS~ Each hex chest comes with a free set of black resin dice. Metal Pebble Dice are also available on the store if you want to add those to your collection!

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