Codex dice tower made of wood and leather for D&D and tabletop roleplaying games
Scroll Rolling Tray and Codex Dice Tower

Codex Dice Tower



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Meet Codex, the arcane crafted dice tower designed to look and act as a Scroll case. The magic of Codex starts with the decorative hardwood caps, and is handsomely wrapped in foil-pressed leather, all customized for you. The Codex caps are firmly engaged with rare-earth magnets and feature twist-off designs to open both the top and the bottom, turning your scroll case into the gaming dice tower it was meant to be.  
  • Codex is designed to fit a Scroll rolling tray inside it so they can be used in tandem.
  • Codex is 3" by 3" and 10" tall
  • The leather is rugged 4oz thick leather that will last your lifetime, with your choice of genuine foil-pressed art
  • Synthetic black leather is available by special request
  • All Codex Dice Towers now come with a Baffle Kit! If you have an older style, you can upgrade here

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