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Share your love for gaming with one of our limited edition Pixel Heart Box, a Masterwork Edition Hex Chest dice box. Inspired by the 8-bit video games that we fell in love with as kids, these birdseye maple dice boxes feature a red padauk inlaid heart that marries the elegance of wood with the style of our favorite games, like Zelda. Special for Valentine’s Day, each Pixel Heart Masterwork Edition Hex Chest comes with a complimentary engraved message, to make for an extra special gift.


Only 25 of these limited edition personalized heart boxes were made, special for Valentine’s Day 2022.



About your Hex Chest dice box:

  • The Beehive style holds 7 20mm dice (or smaller). Open style holds 14-15 mixed dice
  • Hex Chests are 22mm deep.
  • 2 pairs of strong neodymium magnets keep the box closed
  • Each Hex Chest includes a velvet bag for safe keeping, and a foam insert to keep dice quiet and comfy on your travels


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Enter your personalized message

Write your Bottom Engraving

Your custom message will be engraved centered, on the bottom of your Hex Chest.

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