Hex Chest Remastered Dice Box

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Crafted in a beautiful set of woods, each Hex Chest Remastered features deep-engraved art, maple-inlaid interiors, a classy leather lined top, and hidden magnetic closures. The updated design is both beautiful and functional, keeping dice safe and separated while giving you easier access to your favorite rolling stone.


About your Hex Chest Remastered DnD dice box:

  • The Beehive style holds 7 20mm dice (or smaller). Open style holds 11-12 mixed dice
  • Hex Chests are 22mm deep
  • The Remastered design features a bell jar style that makes it easy to grab your dice directly from the box
  • 6 pairs of hidden neodymium magnets keep the box closed
  • Each Hex Chest includes a velvet bag for safe keeping, and a foam insert to keep dice quiet and comfy on your travels



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