Spellbook Gaming Boxes

Immerse yourself in your gaming with one of our Spellbook gaming and dice boxes. Handcrafted from solid hardwoods and the rich foil pressed leather, these faux fantasy book boxes are built to last your lifetime. Whether you’re a DM looking for a DM screen (and an awesome way to store your D&D campaign), or you’re looking for a small gift for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life, we’ve got your dice and gaming solutions covered.

We build all of our Spellbook gaming boxes to-order and offer a wide range of customization options to ensure that your book is unique and crafted just how you want it.

Meet the Spellbook family:

Build your own Spellbook

Spellbook Game Boxes

The all-around gaming box and rolling tray to keep your D&D stuff in one place. Customize your leather cover, starting at $105.

Mini Spellbook

Dice storage, miniature storage and a small rolling tray in one awesome portable package. Starting at $49.

Keychain Spellbook

A tiny dice box for tiny dice. Be ready to play wherever you go! Or if you just adore cute things. Starting at $35, dice included.

Master Tome DM Screen

Our ultimate gaming accessory. Not for the feint of heart. Late Pledges Available!


Special Edition Spellbooks

Atlas Spellbook

Never get lost again (results not guaranteed)

Mini Atlas Spellbook

Customize this beautiful foil-pressed leather and make one of these dice boxes for your own.

Policebox Spellbook

Need to take your gaming to the future?


Partnership Spellbooks

Necronomicon Gaming Box

Summon with care

Investigator's Handbook

Even if you don’t have enough clue tokens, you can still have this

Monster Spellbooks

Our timeless Spellbook gaming box design imbued with evil by Abbott’s Hollow Studios

Monster Mini Spellbooks

If only mini spook and mini book truly rhymed


Vampire the Masquerade Spellbook

The World of Darkness brings you special edition VtM Spellbook gaming boxes

Acquisitions Incorporated Employee Manual, vol 1

Craft your legendary gaming tome and start your internship today!

Acquisitions Inc. Mini Spellbook

Need to impress the boss? Look no further…


Limited Edition & In-stock Spellbook Gaming Boxes