Acquisitions Incorporated Employee Manual, vol 1


Presenting: The Acquisitions Inc Employee Manual, Vol. I. It’s a unique Acquisitions Inc themed Artifact with exclusive art and custom polyhedral dice set to help you live out your dream of being part of the Acquisitions Inc franchise.


Bring a personal touch to your Acquisitions Inc Employee Manual by building yours from a variety of natural hardwoods, rich leathers, foil colors, and interior configuration.


Acquisitions Incorporated Spellbook Interior

Meet your Acquisitions Incorporated Employee Manuals:

  • Lovingly carved single block of hardwood
  • Bound in timeless real leather
  • Centuries-old foil-pressed art of your choosing
  • Natural living materials mean each Spellbook is unique
  • Accented with a real metal dry erase board
  • Your choice of removable foam insert cut to your needs


Acquisitions Incorporated Ten Piece Dice Set

Adorn your cover

Choose Leather

Choose Foil

Get the details right

Choose Base Wood

Choose Felt

Choose Foam

Choose Dice