About Us

About Elderwood Academy

Elderwood Academy was founded by us, Quentin Weir and Dan Reiss. We met playing games together and have since shared our passion for goofiness and craft projects. We launched with Hex Chests, a pet project for D&D and other tabletop games until Quentin’s then-ladyfriend put the story of Hex Chests on Reddit and Imgur. The community response was so sweet and encouraging that we launched a Kickstarter campaign and Elderwood Academy was born. Since then we’ve added a host of new gaming-themed gear including Spellbooks, which are deck boxes and rolling trays disguised as bespoke ancient arcane tomes. If you love nerdy projects as much as we do, you can keep track of us on Twitter (@elderwoodboxes) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/ElderWoodBoxes).

Who Are We?

Dan is an old man with weak bones, no teeth, and thinning hair. He walks with a cane and raps rhapsodic about “the good ol’ days when kids respected their elders and would offer to carry all of your d6s, even if there were a lot, like twenty, maybe even thirty, I have some meatloaf at home, I should buy ketchup, blue, sixteen, memes.” Truly, he is an inspiration. That inspiration being “I hope I’m never old like Dan.” On the side he enjoys D&D, DNR, and DNI, although he wishes that playing D&D were a real job and has several copies of his resume on hand at all times for such an eventuality.

Quentin is a Master Dungeoneer and Spelunker, specializing in corn mazes and ninja stars. Some facts about Quentin:

-He intermittently believes MTG is a scam to trick thousands of people into doing tarot work for free

-He’s never lost a game of Mechanical Chicken Tricky Trap: The Musical Boardgame

-He buys shoes in sets of three and a half

-His diet consists mostly of edible foods, and occasional donuts

In their materially consistent lives, Dan is an internal medicine resident in San Francisco who loves gaming. Quentin is an engineer and board game designer who attempts to spend 100% of his time playing games and loses a lot of sleep in the process.

Our Artists

Claire Myers is a graphic designer who loves to draw, read, game, and tell stories. She is passionate about brand strategy and packaging design and has recently been applying those interests by dipping her toes into board game design. Her favorite games at the moment include Skyrim (still), Katamari,  Evolution, Equinox, and White Wolf’s New World of Darkness series. Of course, tabletop RPGs will forever have her heart.

Our Office

We do all of our manufacturing at our own office, but we got our start at a lovely, wonderful, special, glorious place called Maker Works. Maker Works allows you to use a wide array of well-maintained, sophisticated machinery (mills, lathes, presses, lasers, 3D printers, saws, etc) for a pittance every month. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, it is stocked with friendly staff and frequented by the many engineers formerly or currently employed by the big three. If you’re in the area, take a look; it’s a unique environment and affords anyone the ability to shape their dreams into reality.