A row of mini spellbook gaming boxes on a slate shelf with rose quartz dice
two mini spellbook dice boxes with blue leather, foil pressed with a gold tree, with a set of green cats eye dice and a Hero Forge miniature on a D&D player's manual
mini spellbook dice box with black leather, foil pressed with a silver elder phoenix, made for D&D
An open Spellbook mini dice box featuring seven spaces for dice, complete with a set of seven metal gaming dice and a golf mini figurine for D&D

Mini Spellbook Dice Box

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Mini Spellbook Dice Boxes are your perfect minimalist gaming box. Build from solid blocks of hardwood and rich leathers, this dice box design combines the space for your set of polyhedral dice with a flex space for a miniature figurine (or more dice) and also featuring a lid that doubles as a mini rolling tray that keeps your table space focused on your game. The septated dice compartment along with a removable foam piece keeps your dice safe and sound for travels, and strong rare-earth magnets keep your dice book box firmly closed.





Create your own customized pocket-sized dice book box. Personalize the art, material components, and design to manifest your imagination. Choose from our designs displayed here, or for an aesthetic with more old-world charm, check out our Mini World Atlas Spellbook. Living materials together with thousands of combinations means that whatever Mini Spellbook dice box you choose will be your own showpiece unlike any other.

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As with their predecessors, Spellbook Minis are crafted in luxurious foil-stamped leather, individualized signature art, and a spectacular array of hand-finished natural wood options. Except smaller.


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