Dice Boxes


Hex Chest Dice Boxes

Craft a personalized dice box

Spellbook Game Boxes

Craft your legendary gaming tome

Keychain Hex Chest

Customized mini storage for mini dice

Mini Spellbook

Adorn your leather with your choice of foil-pressed icons and borders.

Keychain Spellbook

The tiniest Spellbook for the tiniest dice.

Hex Chest Remastered

Upgrade your custom dice reliquary



Special Editions

Cantrip Hex Chest Mini

Wood Combos!

Pathfinder Spellbook Mini

Embossed Edition

Monster Spellbooks

If only spook and book truly rhymed

Monster Mini Spellbooks

If only mini spook and mini book truly rhymed


Vampire the Masquerade Spellbook

The World of Darkness brings you special edition VtM Spellbook gaming boxes

Policebox Spellbook

Need to take your gaming to the future?

Atlas Spellbook

Never get lost again (results not guaranteed)

Mini Atlas Spellbook

Customize this beautiful foil-pressed leather and make one of these dice boxes for your own.

Acquisitions Incorporated Employee Manual, vol 1

Craft your legendary gaming tome and start your internship today!


Dragons and Things Hex Chest Dice Box

Protect your dice in a neat hexagonal box

Dragons and Things Hex Chest Mini Dice Box

Go small and go home… with the official D&T Logo