Hex Chest Dice Boxes


Build Your Own Hex Chest Dice Box


Hex Chest Dice Boxes

Craft a personalized dice box

Hex Chest Minis

Customized mini storage for mini dice

Hex Chest Remastered

Upgrade your custom dice box

Hex Chest Elite

Upgrade your custom dice reliquary even more

Acquisitions Incorporated Hex Chest Dice Box

Interns may be short lived, but your dice don’t have to be

Acquisitions Incorporated Hex Chest Mini

Go small and go home… with dice on your keychain

Acquisitions Incorporated Hex Chest Elite

Want to really impress the boss? We’ve got you covered.

Dragons and Things Hex Chest Dice Box

Protect your dice in a neat hexagonal box

Dragons and Things Hex Chest Mini Dice Box

Go small and go home… with the official D&T Logo





Special Edition & Pre-built Hex Chest Dice Boxes