Hex Chest - Journal Edition

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We brought the masterwork art from Dungeon Journals to our classic hardwood Hex Chest to create this special series of dice boxes. Just like the originals, each Hex Chest is precision crafted out of your choice of hardwoods and will keep your favorite set of dice protected in a stylish package you will be proud to bring to your gaming table.


About your Hex Chest DnD dice box:

  • The Beehive style holds 7 20mm dice (or smaller). Open style holds 14-15 mixed dice
  • Hex Chests are 22mm deep.
  • 2 pairs of strong neodymium magnets keep the box closed
  • Each Hex Chest includes a velvet bag for safe keeping, and a foam insert to keep dice quiet and comfy on your travels


Each purchase supports artist Goblin Riddles

Check out his other work here!

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