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Hex Chest Dice Boxes


Hex Chest Dice Boxes

Craft a personalized dice box

Hex Chest Minis

Customized mini storage for mini dice

Hex Chest Remastered

Upgrade your custom dice reliquary

Hex Chest Elite

Upgrade your custom dice reliquary even more

Hex Chest Side Engraving

For your original Hex Chest

Dragons and Things Hex Chest Dice Box

Protect your dice in a neat hexagonal box

Dragons and Things Hex Chest Mini Dice Box

Go small and go home… with the official D&T Logo


Gaming Boxes

Spellbook Game Boxes

Craft your legendary gaming tome

Spellbook Foams

Extra foam inserts for your Spellbook

Mini Spellbook

Adorn your leather with your choice of foil-pressed icons and borders.

Centurion Deck Box

Deck out your deck


Special Edition Spellbooks

Vampire the Masquerade Spellbook

The World of Darkness brings you special edition VtM Spellbook gaming boxes

Policebox Spellbook

Need to take your gaming to the future?

Atlas Spellbook

Never get lost again (results not guaranteed)


Dice Trays & Dice Towers

Scroll Dice Rolling Tray

Transform your game with leather and wood

Codex Dice Tower

Craft a bespoke dice rolling experience

Codex Baffle Insert

Get a little more ‘Plonk’ in your Codex


Acquisitions Incorporated Employee Discount Store

Acquisitions Incorporated Employee Manual, vol 1

Start your internship today!

Acquisitions Incorporated Hex Chest Dice Box

Interns may be short lived, but your dice don’t have to be

Acquisitions Incorporated Hex Chest Mini

Go small and go home… with dice on your keychain

Acquisitions Incorporated Hex Chest Elite

Want to really impress the boss? We’ve got you covered.

Acquisitions Incorporated Scroll

Get your game on and roll out the red carpet… or, um, leather… and maybe not even red…

Acquisitions Incorporated Codex

When you crit fail, crit fail in style, with your own Acquisitions Incorporated dice tower

Acquisitions Incorporated Dice

You don’t have any dice? Shhh… we won’t tell anyone.

Acquisitions Inc. Mini Spellbook

Need to impress the boss? Look no further…


RPG and D&D Dice

Gemstone Phoenix Dice

Roll with jewels every game

Precision Aluminum Phoenix Dice

Legitimately fair and balanced

7 Piece Metal Dice Set

Almost as sharp as you, big shot

Elderwood Winged Dice

Wings clipped at no additional cost

Mini Phoenix Dice

Roll small and roll home

Pebble Miniature Dice

Those who live in tiny glass houses should throw these tiny stones

Vampire the Masquerade 5e Dice Set

A set of 20 official ten-sided dice for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition



Gift Cards

Let your favorite nerd customize their own gift

Dice Catapult Kit

Pew pew launch dice!

Spellcircle Levitator

Floating dice are spicy and nice

Spellbook & Codex Harness

Wrangle your gear into one set

Elderwood Dice Display Kit

Show off your dice in style