Roll for Loot: Hex Chest Mini


Feeling lucky? That makes two of us!


1 in 4 Mystery Hex Chest Minis will include metal dice!



How do I know what I’m getting?

1x mystery Hex Chest Mini from a designated pool of items

  • Woods: Roll for Loot Hex Chest Minis include rare off-the menu woods including wenge, canarywood, aromatic cedar, and birdseye maple.
  • Free Dice! All Roll for Loot Hex Chest Minis include 10mm resin polyhedral dice, with a 25% chance for an upgrade to metal dice.
  • All Hex Chests Minis feature Beehive Interior
  • All Hex Chest Minis feature the key chain loop.
  • Your Hex Chest will be engraved with one of our most popular designs


How do I pick what I want?

The Roll for Loot items are all randomly drawn for you. All items are pre-boxed so even we also don’t know which item we’re sending you.

If you want to customize your own, check out the original version in the store ^_^