Spellbook - Atlas Special Edition

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The Atlas Special Edition RPG storage box is one of our first edition Spellbooks wrapped in a special edition customizable Atlas art package. Crafted to be one of your all-around gaming & dice boxes for Dungeons and Dragons or other tabletop RPGs, such as Pathfinder, the Atlas edition packs all the same features as a Spellbook, including swappable foam inserts designed to hold dice, cards, miniature figurines, pens, and did we mention dice? As a bonus, you can easily transform your Spellbook into a felt-lined rolling tray by removing the foam inserts. Carved from a single block of hardwood, this Atlas Special Edition Spellbook uses the highest quality materials, starting with the genuine foil-pressed leathers, and finishing with maple trim and a stainless steel top insert that can be used with dry-erase markers. These RPG storage boxes are built to be a gaming heirloom and to last your lifetime.



Just like most of our products, Spellbooks are handcrafted to your liking. Our craftspeople and artisans take the time and care to get each one looking and feeling spectacular. Expect 2-4 week build and delivery times for Spellbooks

The interior, featuring removable foam inserts to keep your dice and accessories safe.

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