Mini Hex Chest Dice Box – Aromatic D20 Bloom


Want to give your beloved TTRPG player (or yourself) a rose that never dies? Introducing our Aromatic Cedar D20 Bloom edition Hex Chest Mini. This carved cedar box encapsulates the striking rosy color and contrast of Aromatic Cedar in Hex Chest Mini size and engraved it with original special edition art featuring the distinguished D20 dice shape in the center of a blooming rose.


Item specifications:

  • Aromatic Cedar
  • D20 Bloom Art
  • Beehive interior
  • Red mini dice
  • No keyring loop


Our pre-built items ship within one business day, so you’ll be RPG-ing in style before you know it.

Hex Chest Mini Mahogany Wooden Dice Box

Like their prodigious progenitors, Hex Chest Minis are crafted in a spectacular array of wood options, delicately appointed with engraved art, and finished by hand. They offer a pleasing permutation of personalization, precision, and polish packed into a precious parcel, prepared to portably protect your playthings.

Each Hex Chest Mini features:

  • Strong rare-earth magnetic closure
  • Hardwood unibody construction
  • 7 polyhedral mini dice
  • Foam to keep your dice quiet
  • A protective velvet bag