Codex Dice Tower – Gold Celtic Triangle on Amethyst


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Fatigued by having to choose things? Get yourself a lovely pre-built Purple Codex Dice Tower, no decision making necessary! **Dice not included**


Tabletop dice roller specifications:

  • Spellcircle cap art
  • Maple/Walnut wood
  • Amethyst leather
  • Celtic Triangle art
  • Silver/Gold foil
  • Baffle included


Our pre-built items ship within one business day, so you’ll be RPG-ing in style before you know it.

Elderwood Academy Codex Dice Tower

Meet Codex, the arcane crafted tabletop dice roller tower designed to look and act as a Scroll case. The magic of Codex starts with the decorative hardwood caps, and is handsomely wrapped in foil-pressed leather.
The Codex caps are firmly engaged with rare-earth magnets and feature twist-off designs to open both the top and the bottom, turning your Scroll case into the dice tower it was meant to be.

  • This purple Codex is designed to fit a Scroll dice tray inside it so they can be used in tandem.
  • Codex is 3″ by 3″ and 10″ tall
  • The leather is rugged 4oz thick leather that will last your lifetime