Vampire the Masquerade Spellbook Gaming Box

Tomes from Vampire: the Masquerade

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The World of Darkness brings you special edition VtM Spellbook gaming boxes


Vampire the Masquerade edition Spellbook detail of foil pressing


Bring a part of the World of Darkness into the real with your own Vampire: the Masquerade Spellbook dice box. These unique VtM Spellbooks dice boxes are carved out of dark walnut, bound in onyx leather, and emblazoned with your clan’s sigil. Your arcane tome is lovingly crafted in natural, living materials so each one is irreproducibly unique, designed to contain everything you need to immerse yourself in the story.


Vampire the Masquerade edition Spellbooks shown open with foam insert and closed on a wood background


Whichever clan you align with, each Spellbook is adorned with foil-pressed art and includes a steel accent to use as a whiteboard as well as a removable foam insert to organize your gear.



Just like most of our products, Spellbooks are handcrafted to your liking. Our craftspeople and artisans take the time and care to get each one looking and feeling spectacular. Expect 2-4 week build and delivery times for RPG and DnD Spellbooks.

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