Bronze Spellbook Gaming Box Group

Welcome to Spellbooks!

Spellbooks are bespoke gaming boxes crafted to embody the ancient arcane tomes right out of your campaign.
  • Your Spellbook is made to order and is lovingly cut from a single block of hardwood
  • Your Spellbook will be bound in real leather with art foil-pressed into it
  • We use natural, living materials so each Spellbook is irreproducibly unique and original
  • Spellbooks are accented with a metal Reflecting Pool that serves as a whiteboard for taking notes

STEP 1: Choose Leather

STEP 2: Choose Foil Pressed Art

Keep in mind: Dragonscale leathers impart their craggy, cracked look onto the foil

Spellbook leather

Foil Colors

Need a legacy pattern that we used to use? Let us know!

STEP 2.1: Would you like to add text to the spine?

Spine Text | 20 Character Max

STEP 3: Choose Base Wood, Trim Wood, and Reflecting Pool

Spellbook leather

STEP 4: Choose Interior Style

  • Both interiors are 4.8" wide by 6.9" long
  • The rolling tray -style Spellbook is open, lined in felt, and holds a removable foam insert to suit a host of gaming needs
  • The deck-style Standard Spellbook holds up to a total of 80 sleeved cards, along with tokens and a pen/marker
  • The deck-style Extended Spellbook holds up to a total of 100 sleeved cards, plus tokens and a pen/maker

STEP 5: Other Options

STEP 6: Spellbook Depth

  • The standard Spellbook has a 1" (25mm) depth inside and holds most gaming parts such as:
    • a total of 80 single-sleeved cards
  • The extended Spellbook has a 1.25" (32mm) depth inside and should be used if you plan on storing thicker things such as:
    • a total of 100 single-sleeved cards or an 80-card double-sleeved deck
    • Hex Chests
    • Adventure coins
    • Larger minis