Sponsorship Page: Gehenna Gaming

Hello! Thanks for stopping by to check us out – we hope you enjoy your stay. We are proud to support Gehenna Gaming in their mission to create awesome content for you.

After visiting this page, a portion of any purchase you make will get donated to the show so they can put more time and energy towards making their show the best it can be. If that doesn’t sweeten the pot enough, we will also give you free shipping (for US orders only) with the coupon code below.


Coupon code expires on November 18, 2021

About Gehenna Gaming

Gehenna Gaming provides unique horror gaming experiences to fans of TTRPGs with a focus on safety, consent, and inclusivity. They produce a variety of actual plays on Twitch, including Gehenna Academy (Monsterhearts 2) and Saturday Night One-Shots, an educational series where they teach viewers new game systems. Gehenna Gaming also hosts live gaming events where they organize and run hundreds of tabletop RPGs for horror fans at game stores and conventions around North America.

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