Three codex dice towers on their side on a gray wood background
Acquisitions Incorporated dice tower for rolling dice with RPG tabletop gaming dice

Acquisitions Incorporated Codex Dice Tower

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When your boss needs you to roll dice, do the job right and get yourself with the right dice roll randomizer equipment. Just fill out procurement form 177-0-C and file it with management. They should land an Acquisitions Incorporated Codex Dice Tower on your desk within the next 15 months…


The magic of your Acquisitions Incorporated Codex starts with the decorative hardwood caps, and is handsomely wrapped in foil-pressed leather, all customized for you with either traditional Acquisitions or “C” team merch logos.


Acquisitions Incorporated Codex Usage Graphic

A sibling of the Scroll Rolling Trays, the Acquisitions Incorporated Codex is a dice tower and dice roll randomizer that has the versatility of a storage device. The Codex caps are firmly engaged with rare-earth magnets and feature twist-off designs to open both the top and the bottom, turning your Scroll case into the dice tower it was meant to be.


  • Codex is designed to fit a Scroll rolling tray inside it so they can be used in tandem.
  • Codex is 3″ by 3″ and 10″ tall
  • The leather is rugged 4oz thick leather that will last your lifetime, with your choice of genuine foil-pressed art

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