A row of mini spellbook gaming boxes on a slate shelf with rose quartz dice
two mini spellbook dice boxes with blue leather, foil pressed with a gold tree, with a set of green cats eye dice and a Hero Forge miniature on a D&D player's manual
Acquisitions Incorporated Mini Spellbook wooden gaming box for tabletop role playing dice and DnD miniatures
mini spellbook dice box with black leather, foil pressed with a silver elder phoenix, made for D&D
An open Spellbook mini dice box featuring seven spaces for dice, complete with a set of seven metal gaming dice and a golf mini figurine for D&D

Acquisitions Incorporated Mini Spellbook Dice Box

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Our Acquisitions Incorporated Mini Spellbook Dice Boxes are your perfect minimalist gaming box! Inside Head Office’s helpful* Intern Survival Guide, find solid blocks of hardwood customized to either keep essentials like dice and minis safe and snug, or open to allow for a foam insert or more storage. Bound in rich leathers and also featuring a lid that doubles as a mini rolling tray, you can be well-equipped for any adventure the Intern Program might throw at you**. The separated dice compartment along with a removable foam piece keeps your dice safe and sound for travels, and strong rare-earth magnets keep your dice book box firmly closed.


* For corporate-approved definitions of “helpful”


** Provided those adventures are mostly just tabletop games


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