A stack of scroll rolling trays showing the art choices for the wood-on-wood sides of the rolling trays

Acquisitions Incorporated Scroll Rolling Tray

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Say hello to my little friend… and then roll it up… and take it home with you! Make some room in your kit for the Acquisitions Incorporated Scroll Rolling Tray, the ancient-feeling, leather-bound dice rolling tray that rolls up like its namesake. Beautifully decorated with your choice of finely-cut flourishes on all sides, this portable little creature features a stunning combination of utility and style.


Ready to pack up? Just remove the side-walls, held into place with strong rare-earth magnets, and roll it right up. Every Scroll comes with it’s own velvet bag to keep it safe and sound on your adventures.


About your Scroll Rolling Tray

  • These roll-up dice trays are 6″ x 6″ with 1″ tall walls.
  • They feature rugged 4oz leathers with your choice of foil-pressed art
  • Scroll dice trays are designed to fit inside a Codex Dice Tower so they can be used together
  • Rare earth magnets in the corners snap Scrolls together during gameplay.



How to wrap it up

Customize your Scroll

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