Arkham Horror Spellbook gaming box made of wood and leather for tabletop RPG
Interior of Arkham Horror Spellbook gaming box with foam inserts for dice, cards, and miniatures


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Officially licensed for the Arkham Horror Board Game from Fantasy Flight Games


Meet your Necronomicon Spellbook Gaming Box


Each Necronomicon Spellbook is precision carved from a single block of hardwood and handmade with genuine rich leather featuring original art, foil pressed into the surface. Hidden magnets and a hasp keep the Necronomicon dice case closed during your travels, with crosslinked foam inserts that keep your gaming gear safe and sound.


Foil Pressed Art


Foil pressing is a traditional technique of debossing foils onto the surface of leather, creating a lasting effect blending the texture of the leather with the shape of the pressing. As a living material, each leather is unique and results in an ages-old look inspired by the games we play. Dragonscale leathers are thicker and more textured, creating pressings that reflect the deep crags and scales of the leather

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