Master Tome Beta Edition – Onyx & Green Dragonscale Yggdrasil

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The Beta Process


Welcome to our beta edition of our Master Tome project. The Master Tome is the most complex product that we have ever designed and we want your feedback so we can make sure we get it right.


General feedback can be given here, but we will also likely reach out to you directly to solicit your thoughts after using one.


As these are Beta Editions, we know some things may go awry, and we want to know if it does. Should anything break, we will fix or replace it free of charge, although we may opt to have you wait until final editions are ready. In addition, we will be offering all of our Beta Edition testers steep coupons to upgrade to final editions.


As always, reach out to us with questions.


Master Tome Interior Features




Each Master Tome comes with your choice of 3 modules, crafted out of solid mahogany. If you’d like more, to fill out all 6 positions on your Master Tome, or just to add flexibility, check them out here.


The DM Kit

The DM Kit includes:

  • 10 steel ball “knobs” for holding documents to the Tome
  • 1 pair of magnetic card holders
  • 6 aluminum dry erasable cards

Learn About Your Master Tome


Setting up the Wings

The “wings” inside your Master Tome both keep your stuff in place during travel and serve to turn your tome into a DM screen. Use the best configuration for your game situation.



The Modular Inserts

Each tome is set up with 6 magnetic positions for modular inserts. Inserts are intended to be removed, swapped out, and adjusted for maximum flexibility of your Tome. We are currently offering three variants for the Beta Edition, and are seeking input for developing more.



The Initiative Tracker

Tracking initiative is an important part of game management. The DM Kit for the Master Tome includes a pair of magnetic card holders that can be placed in many configurations so you can keep your players organized. Initiative trackers can be used with any number or cards, or card-like objects. Each DM Kit comes with 6 anodized aluminum cards that you can dry erase on and reuse.




Magnetic Information Displays

One of the primary uses of a DM screen is to manage information. The Master Tome should keep this easy; loaded with magnets, you can use the simple steel balls as knobs to hold information sheets, maps, or whatever you need onto your wings, and even inside the Tome when needed.