Mini Hex Chest Dice Box – Mahogany Sword


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Fatigued by having to choose things? Get yourself a lovely pre-built Mini Hex Chest Dice Box, no decision making necessary! You’ll receive the exact D&D cat storage box for dice pictured here.


Item specifications:

  • Mahogany wood
  • Sword art
  • Beehive interior
  • Keychain loop


Our pre-built items ship within one business day, so you’ll be RPG-ing in style before you know it.

Hex Chest Mini Mahogany Wooden Dice Box

Like their prodigious progenitors, Hex Chest Minis are crafted in a spectacular array of wood options, delicately appointed with engraved art, and finished by hand. They offer a pleasing permutation of personalization, precision, and polish packed into a precious parcel, prepared to portably protect your playthings.

Each Hex Chest Mini features:

  • Strong rare-earth magnetic closure
  • Hardwood unibody construction
  • 7 polyhedral mini dice
  • Foam to keep your dice quiet
  • A protective velvet bag