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Valentine’s Day is now available on your keychain with our Pixel Heart Edition Mini Hex Chest dice box! These little dice boxes are crafted out of your choice of hardwoods and come with complimentary colorful mini polyhedral dice. Add an optional keychain loop so your SO can keep this tiny dice box conveniently with them at all times. Special for Valentine’s Day 2022!


A Mini Hex Chest with a 19mm D20 and a 12mm D20 for scale. The “Beehive” style fits one set of 7 mini dice and the “Open” style fits about 2 sets of polyhedral mini dice.

About your Mini Hex Chest dice box

  • Each Mini Hex Chest dice box is designed for 12mm or smaller dice.
  • 2 pairs of strong neodymium magnets keep the box closed, even while rattling around on your keychain.
  • The optional keychain loop can convert this box to a key fob.
  • A FREE set of mini polyhedral dice is included with each Mini Hex Chest
  • Each Mini Hex Chest also ships with a velvet bag and a foam top-liner to keep your dice safe.


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