Mini Metal Phoenix Dice – Ancient Gold


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Go small and go home with this small but mighty ancient dice set, the miniature version of our Phoenix Dice. Forged from zinc-alloy and plated to perfection, this mini metal polyhedral dice set will add some serious heft to your miniature dice game.



  • The Ancient Gold set is… well… a set of burnished gold dice. (Surprise!)
  • Zinc alloy construction for durability and heft
  • 7-dice set (D20, D12, D10(0), D10, D8, D6 D4)
  • Features the Elder Phoenix on the 6-side of the D6 and our Phoenix font numerals
  • Nominally 10mm dice. Actual sizes range from 12.5mm (D20, D12) to 10mm (D6, D10, D8)

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