2 closed Mini Dice Sarcophagi, showing top and bottom engraving, next to D20 and miniature figurine
Mini Dice Sarcophagus standing up next to miniature figurine
Limited Edition Mini Sarcophagi shaped dice boxes made of wood, holding a set of RPG dice
Open Mini Dice Sarcophagus with Ancient Silver Dice set next to partially open Cherry Hex Chest with Turquoise Gemstone Dice Set
2 Mini Dice Sarcophagi, one open with Nightmare Black Mini Pebble Dice, one close with bottom facing up, next to a Hex Chest Remastered

Limited Edition: Mini Dice Sarcophagus

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2 open Mini Dice Sarcophagus with text explaining features like limited edition engraving, rare earth magnets, removable foam and black mini dice set

Spirit yourself away with our Limited Edition Mini Dice Sarcophagus! Built for only the tiniest birbs.



  • Limited Edition *fire emoji* birb-tastic engraving
  • Strong rare-earth magnetic closure
  • Mahogany unibody construction with unique partitions
  • Foam to keep your dice quiet
  • Comes with a set of black resin mini dice



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