Monster Spellbook: Forest Frown with Purple Round Eyes!


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Our scary version of the Spellbook Gaming Box


Handcrafted by the artists at Abbots Hollow Studios and then trained to become a box, befriend a Spellbook: Monster Edition to keep your dice properly scared and in-line. You’ll receive the exact item pictured here. **Dice not included**


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Monsters. The ubiquitous adversaries in our gaming lives, brought to life from our imaginations and delivered in games, books, movies and more. We’ve drawn on their inspiration and partnered with Abbots Hollow Studios to bewitch this series of Spellbook gaming boxes with unique, handcrafted monster faces and personalities. Meet the Spellbook: Monster Edition.



Crafted in the crypts of Abbots Hollow Studios, the Monsters adorned on your Spellbook: Monster Edition are handcrafted from rich leather and feature custom-made glass eyes to make each one the only of it’s kind. The Spellbook itself is the classic build you’ve come to love from Elderwood, carved out of a single block of hardwood and finished with thoughtful details to delight you. The perfect companion to accompany you to your next game.


Spellbook gaming box with a monster face with gemstone dice and potion bottles

Inside your monster…




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