Precision Aluminum Dice – Barbarian’s Rage


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Upgrade your RNG with one of the most balanced aluminum DnD dice sets available! Precision Aluminum Phoenix dice are forged in the fires of Norse Foundry out of aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized to fit your style. Precision-machined aluminum construction creates a set of precision polyhedral dice that are both light but strong, for a fantastic rolling feel.



  • The Barbarian’s Rage set are anodized for blue and yellow speckled red dice faces with precision-machined silver numerals
  • Precision machined 6063 aluminum ensures fair rolls
  • 7-dice set (D20, D12, D10(0), D10, D8, D6 D4)
  • Anodized in a variety of styles with numbers machined into each face with a phoenix on the 6 and 20 sides of the D6 and D20.
  • Standard size