Scroll Rolling Tray – Blush Dragon Runes on Onyx


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Fatigued by having to choose things? Get yourself a lovely pre-built Scroll Rolling Tray, no decision making necessary! You’ll receive the exact DnD dice board pictured here.


Dice rolling board specifications:

  • Lotus flourish
  • Onyxleather
  • Dragon Runes art
  • Blush foil
  • Walnut/Cherry wood


Our pre-built items ship within one business day, so you’ll be RPG-ing in style before you know it.

Scroll Rolling Tray

Meet Scroll, an ancient, leather-bound dice rolling board that rolls up like its namesake. Beautifully decorated with finely-cut flourishes on all sides, Scroll features a stunning combination of utility and style.


Scroll Rolling Tray Disassembly


Ready to pack up? Just remove the DnD dice board’s side-walls, held into place with strong rare-earth magnets, and roll it right up. Every Scroll comes with it’s own velvet bag to keep it safe and sound on your adventures.


  • Scroll is designed to fit inside a Codex Dice Tower so they can be used in tandem.
  • Scroll is 6″ by 6″ with 1″ tall walls
  • The leather is rugged 4oz thick leather that will last your lifetime