Spellbook Gaming Box - Silver Cthulhu with Ocean Border on Amethyst


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Fatigued by having to choose things? Get yourself a lovely pre-built Spellbook Gaming Box, no decision making necessary! You’ll receive the exact Cthulhu roleplaying game box pictured here.


Item specifications:

  • Mahogany wood
  • Stainless Steel reflection pool
  • Amethyst leather
  • Cthulhu art
  • Silver and Ocean foil
  • Purple felt


Our pre-built items ship within one business day, so you’ll be RPG-ing in style before you know it.

Spellbooks are bespoke gaming boxes crafted to embody the ancient arcane tomes right out of your campaign. Meet your Spellbook leather book box:
  • Lovingly carved single block of hardwood
  • Bound in timeless real leather
  • Centuries-old foil-pressed art
  • Natural living materials mean each Spellbook is unique
  • Accented with a real metal dry erase board

Inside your Spellbook