Customizing your Spellbook (CR 6)

Custom pressed Spellbook RPG Gaming Box

The life and times of personalized gaming gear


We’re in the enviable position of making all our stuff in-house, so when we get custom art requests we’re usually able to do them. For Spellbooks, the process invariably breaks down into a few steps.

First, you send us your concept. Usually it’s an image but sometimes it’s just an idea, and one time it was a scent.


Then we spend some time translating your concept into a vector formatted file (technology!) which in our case converges on Adobe Illustrator (editor’s note: gve mony plz, thx adube).

Mock up of what the art will look like on the leather and then the files that get sent in for mold-making

Step next is to turn the art into a magnesium die we can use for hot foil stamping. Our homies at Owosso do most of our work. After all the back and forth and such we end up with something like this:

With the magnesium die in hand, we find a choice piece of leather and fire up ol’ Stampy. This particular art took 2 different magnesium plates all told.

And voila, c’est complet!

We’re running a contest until May 15th, 2017 – submit your art to for a chance to get your design on a free Spellbook. Check out for details ^_^

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