Happy Holidays!

Happy blackened, charred Friday, all! We’ve returned from our epic adventures in turkey slaying to bring you these extremely important trimmings & postings.

Celebrating in time for the Holidays

Still scrambling for gifts this December? Order by December 7th (1st, for international orders) to ensure you can recreate the tableau above in time to celebrate the Holidays. Our elves are migrating out of the shop from December 21st through January 3rd to “enjoy” the winter weather, but we’ll be back in force January 4th!

New Spellbook, Who Dis?

Spellbook Minis are leaving the nest in droves as we conquer our latest Kickstarter. Missed the campaign? You can still order one at our Pledge Manager and be among the first to add a tiny tabletop companion to your gaming table.

PAX booth #3337 and #ElderwoodConSaves

Philadelphia is our new home from December 6th-8th for PAX Unplugged! Come say hi, roll a die, and nab a bit of tabletop kit. Use our official convention hashtag, #ElderwoodConSaves on Twitter and Instagram during the con to be automatically entered to win the above Hex Chest, protector your fancy dices.

Did You Know: Between naps is the best time to be awake. Good luck out there, Turkey vanquishers!

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