New Art, Giveaways, and Gift cards!

Atlas Edition Spellbooks – Real Maps to Fake Locations! 

Multi-color printings of our new Atlas Edition Spellbooks are ready to go! Dress them up with your character’s ideal color palette and you’ll never have to worry about a Disguise Self spell again!

Free stuff? Share your story!

We want to enjoy your Elderwood gear along with you. Post a photo of your creations in the wild, adventuring, or battling foes to TwitterFacebook, or Instagram using #ElderLoot. Every Saturday in December we will pick a winner at random from all of the posts to receive a $50.00 gift card towards your very own creation! Bonus points for the best caption!

Need a last minute gift? 

Gift cards are available through December 25th! Get one emailed straight to your (digital) pocket when you pick one up at our store. Reach out to us before December 19that if you need one snail mailed to your (physical) pocket.

Physically and digitally yours,