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    Birdseye maple Hex Chest dice box with a dragon engraving and black obsidian gemstone dice for Dungeons and Dragons
    Lacewood Hex Chest dice box with a sword engraving and green malachite gemstone dice for Dungeons and Dragons
    Purpleheart Hex Chest dice box with a celtic knot engraving and purple amethyst gemstone dice for Dungeons and Dragons

    Hex Chest Dice Box


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    Since their inception in 2014, Hex Chest dice boxes remain one of the most stylish ways to keep your dice safe and happy. Designed with Dungeons and Dragons in mind, each Hex Chest dice box is made just for you! Precision cut from your choice of hardwoods, finished by hand, and engraved with your choice of art, each Hex Chest is perfectly fit for you or your D&D character. Hex Chest dice boxes come in two styles: beehive, with seven spaces for each die, or the open style which holds up to two sets of dice. Rare-earth magnets and foam-lined lids hold your box closed and keep your dice safe and sound during your adventures.


    Trivia: Elderwood Academy was originally founded to bring Hex Chests to life by the request of Reddit communities. All of our artists are proud to have served the community since. 


    About your Hex Chest dice box:

    • The Beehive style holds 7 20mm dice (or smaller). Open style holds 14-15 mixed dice
    • Hex Chests are 22mm deep.
    • 2 pairs of strong neodymium magnets keep the box closed
    • Each Hex Chest includes a velvet bag for safe keeping, and a foam insert to keep dice quiet and comfy on your travels


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    Precision Aluminum Phoenix Dice

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    7 Piece Metal Dice Set

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    Keychain Spellbook Dice Box


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    Keychain Spellbook Dice Boxes are your perfect pocket companion to have dice wherever you go. Designed with 10mm dice in mind, Keychain Spellbooks are made from from the best materials available – a body carved from a single block of hardwood wrapped in genuine soft leather. These miniature dice boxes come in spiral style, perfect for more delicate dice that you want to keep extra safe, and the open style, which can hold up to three sets of mini rpg dice, or whatever else your heart desires. We handmake each Keychain Spellbook to your specifications so each box has the unique and handmade quality you deserve. Rare-earth magnets hold your Keychain Spellbook firmly closed and a removable piece of foam in the lid keeps your dice quiet and comfy during your adventures.

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