Putting on the Pinstripes: Sending Hex Chests to Dungeons & Dragons Prom [CR6]

Hex Chest Dice boxes with Lapis polyhedral RPG dice

We’re adults (well, old children) and we like playing dress-up with our toys. This week we put Hex Chests into formal wear so they could enjoy their special night at the roleplaying table. We experimented by mixing in strokes of luscious maple, regal redheart, and dark walnut to our Hex Chests. Lookit our little dice boxes, all fancied up for maximal overgaming.

Hex Chest dice boxes with pinstripes and lapis dice

Posing on the stairs. Handsome!

Wooden pinstripe Hex Chest dice box with lapis dice

Terrorizing (and eating) the local dice

Miniatures dancing on a Hex Chest dice box

Dancing with the locals, seducing them

Lapis dice in front of a Hex Chest dice box

Drank too much punch, dice starting to come back up…

Goin’ home in our fancy limo!
Catch you at our next tabletop gala!
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