The Adventures of Codex and Meeple: An Origins Story [CR 11]

By now Codex and Meeple are household names, nigh-synonymous with their feats of derring-do. The rescue of King Cubert on Moonbase 1, the defeat of the Sinister Salaxian 9, the destruction of those mind control crystals that made us all think farts smell bad. But how did they get started? Behold! We’ve uncovered a photo album from their early days at Origins Training Camp for Heroes. Peer into the past and see their origins for yourselves.

Day 1: Walking with these peaceful giants teaches us to be one with the wild. So we can later sneak up on it and skin it for warmth.

Day 2: A solid foundation in animal husbandry primes every great adventure. “A King never ruled, nor dragonslayer ever slayed, without knowing the udders from the horns of a milk cow.”

Day 3: Visiting the Mighty Dog kennel. These loyal pups will lay down their lives for their masters and help clean table scraps. Nice napkin-like fur, too! Ahh, the middle ages, where we are totally from and live.

Day 4: Sharpening our minds with the game of lords and princes, Tak itself.

Day 5: Sharpening our feet in a game of Guildball. It hones the reflexes, bolsters the lungs, and improves the circulation to the hero-parts. Invigorating!

Day 6: These civil war reenacters took their hero training to heart as well. Good company and appropriately sized for heroism.

Day 7: More than skill, birthright, or wealth, the greatest heroes depends entirely on luck. From my perspective it looks like I rolled a 17. Not bad! Calamity is certain to pass me by.

Day 8: Calamity!! I am struck by a dragon. Codex nurses me to health and offers the fire lizard a breath mint.

Day 8, later, hospital tent: I briefly see the space angel Bowie before Codex’s ministrations take effect.

Day 10: Living off the land is a top adventurer’s highest priority. The land is the enemy and respects only victors. This land was made of happy, tasty salmon.

Day 11: Finally we are blessed by our king and set forth to adventure with/against our comrades!


So there you have it. A fairly meandering look into Codex and Meeple’s humble beginnings. Join us next time!