Welcome to GenCon 2020…

…where the booths are as imaginary as our favorite character (by which we mean, ABSOLUTELY REAL).

The best part of GenCon is getting to meet you, borrowing your experiences, and hearing your tales. Since that’s more or less off the table, we’re gonna go with our second favorite part about GenCon: impulsively grabbing armloads of loot! To lower your impulse threshold (yees, yeeeeess, buy everything…) we’re approximating the high-pressure booth experience with Free Shipping™ and our first ever Roll for Loot series of expertly crafted items that are ready for your gaming table and ship the next business day.

Impulse Threshold is our new band we’ve decided. Happy hunting!

<3 Elderwood Academy

GenCon Specials

Free Shipping! Use the coupon code GenCon2020 for free shipping within the domestic US.

Roll for Loot! Test your fate and get a piece of mystery gear that our artists built special for GenCon. All Roll for Loot items are built, packed, and will ship the next business day.

Roll for Loot

Roll for Loot: Hex Chest Dice Boxes

Roll for Loot: Hex Chest Minis

Roll for Loot: Hex Chest Remastered

Roll for Loot: Spellbook

Roll for Loot: Mini Spellbook

Roll for Loot: Scroll Rolling Tray

Roll for Loot: Codex Dice Tower

Make it yours

Hex Chest Dice Boxes

Craft a personalized dice box

Hex Chest Minis

Customized mini storage for mini dice

Hex Chest Remastered

Upgrade your custom dice reliquary

Hex Chest Elite

Upgrade your custom dice reliquary even more

Spellbook Game Boxes

Craft your legendary gaming tome

Mini Spellbook

Adorn your leather with your choice of foil-pressed icons and borders.

Scroll Dice Rolling Tray

Transform your game with leather and wood

Codex Dice Tower

Craft a bespoke dice rolling experience

Dice it up…

Gemstone Phoenix Dice

Roll with jewels every game

Precision Aluminum Phoenix Dice

Legitimately fair and balanced

7 Piece Metal Dice Set

Almost as sharp as you, big shot

Elderwood Winged Dice

Wings clipped at no additional cost

Mini Phoenix Dice

Roll small and roll home

Pebble Miniature Dice

Those who live in tiny glass houses should throw these tiny stones

Vampire the Masquerade 5e Dice Set

A set of 20 official ten-sided dice for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition

Pssst… buddy… wanna see some other stuff?