There and Mostly Back Again: A Tale by Bard

The day started out great. My parents are logs but we have floral branches to the family tree, too. Here I am in front of my nieces and nephews. My best friends Fighter, Paladin, and Warlock came to meet the extended family. Warlock was weirdly insistent that we go for a walk into the Forbidden […]

My purple heart is beating like a hammer

When we first started making wooden dice boxes, purple heart grabbed our attention right away. It’s this rich, royal purple that doesn’t look like it’s from this planet. You could wear a cape made out of it. It’s a good thing it’s so attractive, because that wood is one of the most vindictive things I’ve […]

All About the Wood

One of our first road trips was to a local millworks/lumber yard called B&B Heartwoods. This wasn’t like going to Lowes for two by fours and plywood; lumber at B&B was almost all hardwoods and sold in solid planks. We wanted to get a selection of woods to see which ones looked best in the […]