Hex Chest Dice Boxes

Personalize your carved wooden dice box

Spellbook Game Boxes

Craft your legendary gaming tome

Scroll Rolling Tray

Transform your game with leather and wood

Codex Dice Towers

Craft a bespoke dice rolling experience

Hex Chest Minis

Customized mini storage for mini dice

Hex Chests Remastered

Upgrade your custom dice reliquary

New Arrivals

Gemstone RPG Dice

Roll with jewels every game

Vampire the Masquerade Spellbooks

Sink your teeth into the World of Darkness

Centurion Deck Box

Deck out your deck

Codex Baffle Insert

Get a little more ‘Plonk’ in your Codex


Gift Cards

Let your favorite nerd customize their own gift

Dice Catapult Kit

Pew pew launch dice!

Spellcircle Levitator

Floating dice are spicy and nice

Spellbook & Codex Harness

Wrangle your gear into one set

Elderwood Winged Dice

Wings clipped at no additional cost

Police Box Special Edition Spellbook

Unique Spellbook builds